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April 2024 - Solar Eclipse, Sailboat Shopping, Short Film and Shot in the Ass

In this month, more kayaking, more snorkelling, more sunrises, and a Solar Eclipse.  As well, beginning to shop for a Sailboat, finally filmed a Short that I wrote and took a Shot in the Ass to feel better.

Out on the water is my favourite place to be where I found another Nemo this month.  This is starting to feel like my connection with Butterflies.

Another peaking sunrise

Good times with Agustina

Now with my personal videographer...I finally made the big time!

Take a break kiddo
Right on

Another day another sunrise.

Way out by the first Buoy.  I don't know why it freaks me out to get so close to objects floating in the water.

Another Nemo!?
Turtle time!

Another amazing Whiptail Stingray


Barking dogs everywhere
Recently killed chickens

Big party next door.  The neighbours rented a monster speaker for a party (parties) and we all knew about it...2 am or so...

No boat parking?...use the street
Sunday market spreading to 2 streets and 
4 blocks long and more.

Solar Eclipse Day...yay!

Normal start

Very Hitchcock-isk

so eerie

It's safe to view in photo, right?

Pork shoulder at Don Pepe's

Eliseo and Regina love this place and the dish.
We all ordered the pork shoulder.

A day in Puerto Adventuras to check out a potential Sailboat for me...

1989 Hunter 33.5
nice rigging

Nice spot to have a boat?


Newish head sail

Checking out the second entrance to the habour
with Joa my real estate agent

It is the season for seaweed

Next to Barcelo resort

A man made lake for phase 4

Over to Puerto Morelos for a few games of vball and to check out another marina option at El Cid.

Pretty standard marina
Rate sheet for El Cid marina

Includes pool use at the hotel

Written in 2018 (well, started writing anyway), working title "InstaNation", a short film about the manipulation of Social Media on its users. This is the Short we tried to film in 2022, but couldn't get organised enough to get it done.  After writing 6 versions and finding a director "Andros" last year it was time to film at Radio Tulum Hotel in Tulum.  Two days of shooting to get a 7 minute short film.

Short Side Story: The original story takes place in a dark basement suite in a Northern Canadian city which is a far cry from the final story that is likely in the Miami area projects in the middle of summer.  Let's see how it turns out...

Director Andros
Ordered this idea in English
but of course it wasn't ready

Worked a lot on graphic pop ups

Chess board prop, etc

Good thing I didn't buy this shirt
for the Security uniform

Thanks Vicki for allowing us your account
Fridge coming up, tough job

redundancy is important in props
 and good to feed the crew!

Yep, this reminded me of filming

Since we didn't have the "Security" shirt
I was able to make this cool little tag

Imagine a crew of 20...yikes

No chance of catching the camera in the shot
since we need it to film

That's very sweet Gio

Happy part of the Short

What is this...

Dinner break. tasty food at
Radio Tulum

Ah, that's why it's called 
Radio Tulum

And it gets Darker

Thanks to Gio, Andros and Mandeep
 for your efforts.

Yep a shot in the ass to kill a bacteria I picked up...The strangest feeling when you pass the skin barrier into emptiness! I had to do it twice...

Probably should have had the doc do it...
But where's the fun in that!?

Other Stuff

A Pride Police Car...Isn't that discrimination??
Now one in black too!

Healing better

Will need to get a Mexican tattoo

This will need some ink too
There's always another way
Refrigerated Transport

That's how they reserve
public parking in Mexico

A cat on the attack,
birds going nuts!

The Mask is still around...