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Acting... What? In a German Film, What?

So one day in October I went to pick up a pay cheque from a german production company that I had been working for as a special Effects guy and they were in the middle of a casting. The casting agent and I had been introduced before and she thought I would be perfect for one of many different parts. I was sent in to meet the first AD and we discussed my acting experience, which is the level of a few high school plays (background roles). So needless to say I got a role with no dialogue. "Harry the Lumberjack who gets his leg cut at the saw mill". Check out the photos. Oh yeah, I even got my own trailer!!!

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jewlz said...

I havent had time to read this until now... this is amazing! A) Im so happy your getting right in there with the film industry! B) I drove around new zealand, and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever done! Enjoy