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Lookout Southern Hemi!

I'm back! Left Dec. 2 3:45 pm Calgary and after 3hr flight+2hr in SF+13hr flight+4hr in NZ+3hr flight+2hr bus ride got me to my cousin's home in SunRise Beach North of Brisbane by Dec. 4 1pm. Wow! It really wasn't that bad except for the fact that the good old reliable United Airlines in SF managed to miss adding 70 passengers bags. So, I have no toothbrush,etc!!! Hopefully sooner then later I will have all of it delivered to Marilyn's front door.
Luggage showed up wrecked and with notes from the American Customs Service letting me know why my bags weren't packed anymore. Should these experts be able to put them back the way they got them (My red bag was originally in a plastic shipping bag and the top was secure, see photo).
Other shots; Good old Canadian boy and baggage line up in Auckland.

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