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October 2006 Bike in a Bar, worth a read.

Quick note, I am living at my cousin's in Noosa until Feb 2007 . Here's a story from Canada...

For those of you that I told about my motorcycle being in a bar, here's the proof. I was going through a bunch of photos, finally, and found this one. For those who don't know the story... In a nut shell; I rode to SASK to see the Grandparents and on my way back took the alternate route down to Medicine Hat (Southern Alberta) where some of my favourite cousins live. While I was waiting to meet up for dinner with them I stopped in at my other cousin's bar for an afternoon drink. Having a couple of drinks in him Kevin thought it would be a great idea to bring the bike in the bar and do a burn out on the floor. Since it was already 4 pm and he said he would buy my drinks all night I roasted his floor and made a hole about 2 cm deep. Needless to say he bought my drinks all night and let me be the celebrity bartender (not much working, mostly drinking) for the evening. Goodtimes, oh and it was actually harder getting the bike out of the bar with a hangover the next morning.


Paul Bond said...


You are one fascinating guy. Keep up the adventure, I am living vicariously through you!

jewlz said...

crazy crazy man... good job!