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Speaking Aussie, etc

So, if you want to understand the Aussies, well... try shortening words, pretty much all words. Oh and sometimes loose letters in the middle of the word too. Accents can make it more difficult and where I live is the strongest in Australia, mighty Queensland.

Christmas = Chrissy
Sun Glasses = Sunnies
Swimming trunks = Swimmies

Cairns = Cans
Melbourne = Melbin

Liquor store = Bottle Shop = Bottle-o
Service station = Servo

and on and on...

Photos: Here is a photo of the large Rhino Beatle (size of a golf ball). An interesting Kiwi/Butcher told me a story of when he bit the head off of one of these, Wow! Check out the mushroom too as it doubled in size in only 24 hours. Lots of Wild turkeys in the area as you can see. Last shot is taken from the Noosa National park looking back at Sunshine, Sunrise and a couple other beaches (probably spanning 10 km).

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Anonymous said...

Hey man. Happy New Year! Nice shot of Noosa Park. Tanya and I were on that same ridge where you took the photo from is 2003. Did you find the nude beach in the park?