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Bye to Australia

So, I am out of OZ and in to NZ. I leave Australia knowing I will definitely be back, just not sure when. Here's a leaving shot of a sexy Aussie, how could I leave this?
I spent 3 nights at my cousin Janelle's new apartment in Brisbane before leaving. It was nice to stay in the city for a little as that is where I will eventually hang my hat when I return. Thank you to Marilyn and Janelle for everything that you did while I was in Australia. And Here's to Al, Waddups, and Vanessa for making my time at the Reef better.

happy days,


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Anonymous said...

"Here's a leaving shot of a sexy Aussie"

So, I'm not sure if the seemingly attractive women in the shot were intentional - if they are what you are refering to, or, if maybe that is a dichotomy beyond belief, but either way, I love it.

Awesome to see Oz and NZ are treating you well! Safe travels dude