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I was released from the hospital on Feb. 20 with a splint, my cut up cloths and drugs. In New Zealand the ACC covers Canadian accident costs while you are in the hospital. After this your travel insurance kicks in and this is why travel insurance to Australia and New Zealand is extremely cheap ($90/year). Anyhow, my insurance was more then ready to fly me home, but the problem was and is that I am not allowed to fly for 6 weeks! So, instead they will send someone of my choice halfway around the world to assist me instead of paying for someone to assist me here. My mother is now in New Zealand and I am staying at her apartment in the CBD (Central Business District) for this week and then I think we will get away from the city to breathe the fresh air for a couple of days before she heads back to Canada, if I am up to it. So far, most of the day is good and only getting out of bed or off the couch are the major challenges. It is definitely nice to have her visit and to help out with cooking and other day to day stuff. Here’s a couple of apartment shots. It was hard to find something in the CBD that wasn't a bit expensive as this is the capital city, so most accommodation is high end. Cool views from the deck too. The apartment has definitely picked up my spirits.

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