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The Cambridge

For the last two weeks and this week I am staying at the Cambridge Hotel. It's a 2 star hotel, but a 4 star backpackers, which is fantastic. They offer cheaper weekly rates for single rooms with sky TV and wardrobe. It's great as there are many others who are staying on a weekly basis, so we are developing a nice group from mostly the UK. This place has inspired me to start writing either a movie or play about the situations that happen here. It's pretty crazy.
And yes I have a job now working at the Cable Car which is one of the big tourist attractions. My mother and I had been there during her visit as a tourist thing to do. My friend Gavin is head of maintenance and he got me on as his assistant. Super flexible and enough pay to keep me going. There's a couple of good photos to come from here as well.
One more job note, I will be working on a commercial as a PA this week coming for one night. It's a good opportunity and will help me make some contacts finally!!!

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