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Getting out of the City, Napier

My mother and I decided to get away from the city for a couple of days before she returns to Canada, so we stayed a couple of days in Napier (Hawks Bay wine country) and Taupo (Thermal area of North Island).
Napier is in the heart of New Zealand wine country that boasts strong whites and developing reds. Found out that through the white wine process a lactic bi-product is produced which I may be allergic to (I will have to test this theory). Moana Park had a lot to choose from, Church Road was so, so and Mission was the strongest of the three on our tour, which ended at a brewery, sweet. I like Moana’s as it was smaller and the most personal.
They also had "the Long lunch" when we were there that weekend, something like 800, 5 courses meals all at the same time. It's sold out a year in advance.
Napier is an Art-Deco town as you can see from the Hotel (Old Hollywood style).

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