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Dunedin 2

A Southern university town that was on Easter break. Nice town that reminds me of a smaller version of Wellington. Steepest street in NZ (in the world) and some great wild life only 20 minutes away. Albatross, seals, and penguins (an Albatross’ 3m wing span requires a good wind in order for them to fly, check it out). Stayed at the Chalet Backpackers owned by a Swiss guy named Heinz. Very nice place. First time staying in a backpackers dorm in about one year, I managed nicely.
Highlight!!! Played goalie for one of the Dunedin Ice hockey teams in the Easton Cup. It was great to put the skates on in the Southern Hemi and I think this clinched New Zealand over Australia as the place to live! We lost 4-3 in the last minute of the game even with an All-star performance, 28 to 10 in shots for the other team. I was happy just to have a cup. The team would love it if I would come back and be their goalie. It’s good to feel wanted even if my glove hand was the reason for all for goals!


Anonymous said...

I meant to post on here ages back, but I've been slack! Sorry Brad :( There's some photos from your hockey game posted here.

Correction: Dunedin has the steepest street in the world, not just New Zealand.


Anonymous said...


Please come back and play goalie for us!


(Beasts Ice Hockey Team)

Anonymous said...

cheers for playing goal for us

and like Chris said... come back soon