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Couple more shots from Hawaii/Maui

Rehearsal Luau (were not the only ones attending)

pretty red bird

It's possible to live in Hawaii if you can some how become a United Statesian otherwise you will have to take your 1 or 2 week vacations like everyone else. Bye Hawai

AC / DC Wedding, May 16, 2007

the backyard

the pool

Vicky's backside, Kate, Natalie, Ben of Amber's side.

Me, Eric, Mark on Derek's side.

The wedding was held at a beautiful private home that opens up to the beach. 21 people were able to make it to Hawaii and there will also be a reception held in Calgary in June so that many more can celebrate with Derek and Amber. Even the minister was crying!

Helicopter around the Island 1

Massive cruise ship in port.

Wall of Tears inside the smaller of the two volcanoes on Maui.

Helicopter around the Island 2

Rain forest valley, something like 400 inches of rain per year.

One of the many golf courses on Maui.

Helicopter around the Island 3

The peaks in the distance are on the "Big Island", which is 100 miles from Maui.

The larger of the two dormant volcanoes on Maui.

I had a helicopter trip schedule for early in the week and it just happened to be on a Monday morning which I thought would be safe from a hangover, but I was wrong. Regardless, I showed up with 4 hours sleep and a lack of balance. At the time I thought I could handle it, but they had to cancel my flight and do it on another day as the weight limit had been reached. So, I went home to bed and returned the morning of the wedding for a quick 1 hour tour of Maui. Good thing I didn't go the previous day as I would have been sick for sure. Fortunately I held it in! It was a smooth ride, I just tried to turn and shoot too many photos, which required me to take a couple of breaks.
Here's a couple bird's eye views of Maui from the front sit.

Off to Hawaii for a Wedding, May 12 to 19, 2007

Went to Maui, Hawaii for my brother's wedding, which is called the Valley Island. Here's where we stayed. A nice place called Maui Komalae, not cheap and no where in Maui is. We had the after wedding party here too and my mother was right into it (no photos of that yet).

Side track: I couldn't believe how many yanks had trucks jacked up like this one!

Flight home May 5,07

Missing NZ already. As soon as I got to San Francisco I realized some of the things I will be missing from the Southern Hemi. Pies, world news, hidden tax, no tipping, chilled attitude, fit people, not using ketchup (which I use because it’s free in Canada, bad for you!), so much more that I can’t think of right now. I just have to figure out how to deal with the high cost of living, distance to get to Canada and rain.
Best news is that you can now fly direct to Auckland from Vancouver! No more US customs!! And if they are going to make you take off your shoes, why don’t they provide chairs!!! Oh and to all my friends from outside of North America, my eyes and fingers are virgin to finger prints and retinal scans!!!!
Photo from 36,000 feet above the earth!

Last days in Wellington and NZ 1

Last days in Wellington and NZ 2

Spent my final week in Wellington with some of the friends I had made while staying at the Cambridge and hanging out in the biker community. Jared, good luck with the movie.
Martin, good luck with Avatar and living with Colin!
Colin, let yourself go while you can as the girlfriend is not far from arriving.
Pete, you will need to get a job or a girlfriend once Fiona arrives!!
Kat and Nic, glad you didn't mind walking to the Cambridge to stop in all the time.
Ben, Thanks for the photos (I didn't realize how few shots of the group I had).
Z, good luck with the job hunt and if you wouldn't mind shouting a round or two of beers for everyone for me that would be great.
Super special thanks to Glen and Lynnda for putting me up for so many nights and to Gavin for all the beers and work opportunity!

Bike Sale

Next morning I had hooked up a buyer for my bike who had to travel all the way from Auckland to meet me as I made my way back down to Wellington. Dan, drove 2.5 hours just to see the bike and I realize I could have taken more money from him I was happy with a cool $4000 cash with the condition that I get to drive the bike back to Auckland where I would be able to catch an over night bus back to Welly. I hope Dan enjoys “Midnight” as much as I did. A good bike that took me about 5000 km in NZ.
Some shots from the East coast side of Auckland.


Again great motorcycle roads, although I almost ran over a rooster on a blind corner! Took 2 hours and hiked up and down in to Cathedral cove in full gear (thought it would be a lot easier).
Stayed at Tui Lodge and while trying to stay dry was forced to drink "free" wine by this Irish couple during our game of monopoly.