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Jack’s and Nelson (one of the sunniest places in NZ)

West Coast road from Franz J to Grey Mouth is scenic. Riding along the coast and through mountain passages. C=8, R=7, T=2,V=6. Saw a couple of crazy things in Grey Mouth; man in supermarket with bird on shoulder and a toilet only 1 foot off the ground in a Shell station.
Stopped in at Blowholes at Punakaiki (see photos).
Stayed at a crazy little place hidden off the hwy between Greymouth and Westport, too much rain. Jack’s Pizzeria, great pizza and managed to stay up with Jack til 3am, I think? C=8, R=6, T=2, V=8.
Made it to Nelson the next day on very good inland roads (most North American due to quality and ample shoulders). C=9,R=7,T=2,V=7. Stayed at the Paradiso; 12 m pool, spa, sauna and volley ball court! Hostels in Nelson are probably the highest level in NZ.

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