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Last days in Wellington and NZ 2

Spent my final week in Wellington with some of the friends I had made while staying at the Cambridge and hanging out in the biker community. Jared, good luck with the movie.
Martin, good luck with Avatar and living with Colin!
Colin, let yourself go while you can as the girlfriend is not far from arriving.
Pete, you will need to get a job or a girlfriend once Fiona arrives!!
Kat and Nic, glad you didn't mind walking to the Cambridge to stop in all the time.
Ben, Thanks for the photos (I didn't realize how few shots of the group I had).
Z, good luck with the job hunt and if you wouldn't mind shouting a round or two of beers for everyone for me that would be great.
Super special thanks to Glen and Lynnda for putting me up for so many nights and to Gavin for all the beers and work opportunity!

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Martin said...

Good luck living with Colin?? He's bringing a laptop, broadband and sky so I can just about put up with the strange burp substitute thing he's got going on. Saw Carly today - maybe you should add her to your list fella.

Glad your home safe and sound but Silent Bob needs someone to put him back in line now you're gone.