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Safety Lines on "Heartland"

Hope everyone is well.

So, I have been working on a Canadian TV show "Heartland" since the end of July doing atmosphere smoke, some fire scenes and safety lines. Here's a couple of photos from a day on set where the Special Effects crew (including me, but not in the photos) set up safety nets to catch a stuntman as he fell off a horse and off a cliff! Scary stunt as he had to fall off the horse backwards. If anyone has ever fell back in a chair or anything like that you will realize how freaky that feels. Imagine falling off a horse over the edge of a cliff!
Check out the photo of his leg in the air as he goes over, cool. The photos do not do the fall justice and it was about another 15 meters down after the net into a shallow river.

Travel up date; Off to NZ mid Oct. to hopefully gain work on the James Cameron movie "Avatar/880". We'll see what happens.

And Ryan the bar was Cowboys, thanks for the link!

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