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Here I go again

Hey People,

So, I'm off to NZ again with a quick stop in Sydney to run a 5 km race. I haven't ran more than 3 km in my life and I don't think I finished that race back in grade 7 either. Wish me luck!

NZ plan is to try and get some film work on Jim Cameron's AVATAR and may be more stuff. If not I will plan to take an Engineering job. Let's see what happens.

As for now I am currently in the LAX airport waiting on Standby for my flight to Auckland then Syd. Looks like I'll make it on tonight. Last night I decided to stay with my lovely friend Jessica as the standby loads did not look good. I have attached a couple of photos from our 24 hours together. We went for some drinks last night in the Downtown area and in her neighbourhood and today Jess had to stop by Fox studios so I got to check it out. Took a photo of the SPFX team on "Bones" as they were trying to make snow in 30 deg C heat from blocks of ice through a spreader truck!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brad..didn't know you were off again but glad to hear! Didn't get a chance to say bye either before I left but hopefully one day we will meet up again! Perhaps cause some ruckus! Keep me updated on your travels..stay in touch!!