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Movie, Job, Hockey update

So, I haven't really updated this until now because I have no photos of what's going on. I know most of you only look at the pretty pictures, I know I do. Point form should be the best...
  • AVATAR: James Cameron Movie - Picked up a couple of days as a daily 3rd AD before my visa ran out. Apparently it is the most expensive production currently running in the world. That means they don't care about taking everyone in to over time everyday. The week I worked most people were around 85 hours, I had 30hrs in two days. It was fun for me though and I meet loads of people.

  • ENG JOB: Yes back to Engineering to stay in the country. After looking for work for a week it looked as though I was off to New Plymouth, NZ for an Oil and gas job, but after a last minute attempt to stay in lovely Wellington I scored a Project Management job with Octa Associates. I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet as I have to wait until my work permit is processed before I can get started and based on the pay scheme for professionals here, I won't even be getting a pay cheque until late February. Very small company with a couple of corporate places in Christchurch and Queenstown that I am privileged too, so if anyone visits me we're sorted.

  • HOCKEY: No ice in Wellington, but there is Inline hockey. Met a dude on AVATAR, David Allard, who has been gracious enough to lend me his player equipment while he plays net. Everyone had me convinced I could stop sideways like in hockey. NO, at least not yet, almost broke my ankle...3 times. They expected me to be a star, but NO. The level of play is quite good. There are a couple of NZ national team players, who if they could do what they do here on ice would play Junior Hockey in Canada i'm sure. One of the national team players was picked up by a german ice hockey team at the last championship and he had never skated on ice. Definitely a lateral connection between the two sports, but not exact.
Now I must go and find a place to live and a vehicle drive. Any questions, send me an email Remember we can talk for free on


Anonymous said...

you need a car?
prob wouldn't cost that much to ship the Multi would it?

Ryan said...

Hey. Good to see you got a job and are playing hockey :) Unfortunate it wasn't in Dunedin and it's not on ice :(

Inline hockey is pretty fun though. I miss playing it a lot. It always cracks me up seeing ice hockey players on wheels as they look so goofy for their first few months. Ditto for the reverse. I've played both equally so I'm goofy when playing either :P

Stopping is tricky, but once you get the hang of it isn't so bad. I learned how to do it on asphalt which is a total bitch so count yourself lucky! I went through many pairs of pants and wheels before mastering it - well, sort of, I still wipe out on occasion on asphalt.

BBB said...

Hey Ryan,
Send me an email as I don't have yours.