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December 2007 updates

Found a place to live:
Moved in to a great flat in the heart of town with three others. In order of appearance above, Andrew (Alpha male dishwasher), Naomi (sweet chef) and Dave (charming englishman sometimes confused for Austin Powers). I joke because I can, I hope? The place is pretty flash and I have my own bathroom and lots of living space. In the lounge there is a projector TV, leather couches, Xbox, and lots of games and movies. It's a good spot and definitely the best I found in Wellington. I love walking out the front door of the building and into the heart of the city only a 10 minute walk from the beach and work. Too bad they aren't the same place! It's great being close to everything and I think I can understand why people dig New York and centers where you don't need a car to get around. However, it does become a little tempting to go out every night for a meal, drink or film. Fortunately we have a gourmet chef, beer in the fridge and a movie projector.

Got my work permit:
So, I got my work permit just before Christmas and that means my first day of work will be January 14. Shit, even when I want to start working I have to wait. I will enjoy as much as I can before getting back into the grind.

Still no ride: Stay tuned!

Oh, yeah the earthquake. For those who don't know, NZ has a lot of Earthquakes. Mostly minor ones that we don't even feel. This one was offshore about 35 km off the coast and probably 300 km north of Wellington (Gisbourne to be exact). It happened about a week before Christmas when I was watching a movie. Sitting back in one of the recliners I started to wobble. I got out of the recliner and felt the building sway. Wow. Being a new building it is well designed for this kind of stuff, but it was still a weird and humbling experience for me. Apparently some of my friends that are in older houses had items rattle off the shelves. It was 6.8 on the richter scale offshore and I don't believe a Tsunami occurred. I think the one that wasted Thailand was over 9 in the ocean. I think the scale climbs very fast after 7 (Sanfrancisco early 90s, 7.1 inland). Definitely makes you feel fragile when the earth shakes, but strangely i don't feel like fleeing just yet.

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