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More expensive in NZ

Haircuts: $40 at any shop that does a shampoo. This was hard to take at first, but then I thought about the fact that I pay $35 cdn including tip at home which is $43nz. (photo from 2001 head shaving for cancer)

In line Hockey laces (regular hockey laces): There is no longer a hockey store in wellington so you have to bring laces and other things in from where ever else. If I break a hockey lace it will cost me about $13.

Gasoline: this will only be a shock to North americans as Europeans pay, I think $2.40/liter. Kiwis pay $1.65/liter and that's why they don't drive V8s. Fun fact, if the USA switched to the same type of cars that europeans used, they would be self sufficient on their own oil reserves, WOW (I realize it's theory). Then they could leave everyone else alone.

Drinks: Matterhorn, which is considered one of the best bars in NZ and is quite good, has pretty pricey drinks. The bartenders are good and usually the drink is worth the price as it's something new, but the other night I order an energy drink and got a pretty simple drink. Usually you just tell them you want something sweet or sour or whatever and they make something cool that doesn't even have a name. For me, "Can I have something to give me energy." Bartender "Sure" He whipped up something "$15." "$15?, Ok, what's in it?" Bartender, "Vodka and red bull". I was not impressed, but I'm an immigrate so what can I do.

Most Expensive soup in the world: Got a soup at this Thai restaurant by my house and when she said it was a little small and should get a double order I didn't realize that meant double the price. $22 for a F$#@ing soup!!! I may look like a Kiwi, but dam do they see me coming! My kiwi flatmate told me a little secret that if you get take away it's half the price, oh.

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