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Jan 2008 update

What happened in January?

Got my SCUBA open water ticket, very fun. For those of you who have it you probably did it in nice warm water which makes you soft!!! We had 7mm wet suits which makes you very buoyant so you need to weight yourself down with 6 kg plus 10% of your body weight as well. That's right 14kg and we had to walk in to the ocean off a rocky beach. It's all worth it once you're in the water! Sorry no photos.

Wellington Cup. This is the annual horse races and a blast! Lots of dressed up people, drinking and punting. Awesome. Definitely a lot of pretty girls in very nice dresses. Oh, and I won $40. Best story is that the train stopped 50 meters from the racetrack stop (outside of Welly in Trentham) and it took about 20 minutes before someone went crazy and used the emergency door release. All the people piled on to the track and proceed to funnel into the races. Normally a $20,000 fine, but even the driver didn't care on race day. Good times.

Me, Becs, Ben, Robin, and Andre

Sevens Rugby (Feb 1 and 2). IRB international tournament that is held in different cities through out the year. Wellington hosts the biggest party out of all the cities with over 90% of people dressing for the 2 days of 7 on 7 Rugby. Picture 20,000 dressed up like Halloween watching Rugby for 2 days with a touch of drinking! I think the hardest part is to keep your costume in tact for the duration.

A little parade action on Thursday.

Then Friday and Saturday, party time.

Me, ?, and Dave

Me, ?, and Mark (cdn in Auckland)
Beautiful Sunny day!

A bunch of Kiwis take pity on the Canadian team every year and put on their best Canadian gear.