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June 2008 Thailand, Bangkok

Well I finally left NZ after pulling my butt muscle in roller hockey which postponed my flight by 4 days and then getting fogged in at the Wellington Airport which pushed my flight 2 more days. Finally!

Quick overview: 2 days Bangkok, 1 day Koh Samui, 4 days Koh Tao, 1 day Koh Samui then to Berlin. 100 Baht = $4 NZ, $3 US.

Bangkok, first time, last time? Got out of the baggage claim to a group of taxi peddlers. I battled for a good price and was walking away from the crowds with a dodgey guy who sold his taxi like street drugs when I realized it wasn't such a good idea. I turned and walked back to the "metered taxi" stand which is the cheapest as everyone had told me, but you got to shop around. $12 US gets you 45 minutes to town. You can do a bus for $4 US, but I had no idea where I was going. Stayed at New Siam II, which was good. You could go cheaper and go with out a pool and something closer to Khaosan road ($22 US is pretty good though). Overall a good spot to stay, secure too even though I couldn't put Toilet paper in the toilet. I guess it then becomes "paper"?

Had some drinks on Khaosan rd over the two nights in Bangkok between shopping. On Khaosan rd you find tonnes of peddlers, restaurants and street clothing shops, baby elephants and rats the size of cats. I couldn't believe how big the rats were, it reminded me of "the Princess Bridge" => Rodents of Unusual Size. Met my first two Moroccans, Noradine and Aserdine, not really a big deal just first ones.

Shopping; super electronic shops at Pantip Plaza, which is 5 levels of just electronics. Went to Fashion Mall and couldn't believe how many shops sell the exact same thing. When you think you get the best price you can always go lower. Street vendors give pretty good deals if you buy multiple. I got fake Diesels, 2 t-shirts and a pair of board shorts for $35 US.

New Siam II Thailand has some rules, at least New Siam II

Out door food court, I wasn't brave enough

She was handing out Toilet paper, Nice boots though

Third floor of Siam Center

They take smoking seriously here. Don't think I could get this on the plane.

Tuk Tuk ride, see video as well

Tuk Tuk video

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