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2008 July Czech and Praha

Berlin to Praha / Prague by train. Not much to report on the train ride. Met another American who eventually discussed politics with. My line is simple, "How can a country that only 8% passport holders rule a world they have never seen?" Nuff said.

Milan and Renata are looking good, they bought a nice apartment 25 minutes out of Praha and they are loving it. The kitchen was still being completed, which is a separate contractor in Czech. Interesting.

Went swimming at an abandon mine called "America" where communist prisons were slave driven from 1949 to 1953 until the mine was shut down. We also saw "Mexico" which had up to 1400 prisons at one point. Now "America" is an amazing swimming spot once you can get down the slightly dangerous rock faces. Well worth it.

Tough entry

Random dog stopped by to say hi.

Will be great when the bridge gets finished

Cool Panoramics.

Milan and Renata having a swim.

Tried Kofola which was the USSR version of Coke while the Iron Curtain was in place. A girl from the train said that when the wall came down that was the first thing she did, try Coke, Wow. Kofola wasn't that bad.

A night in Praha, Prehistoric restaurant,

lots of meat in Czech.

Modern art

Memorial to the victims of Communism

Saint Charles bridge and more.

Thanks Milan and Renata for having me. Hope to see you in NZ.

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