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2008 July Koblenz / Frankfurt / Home

Hi all, So, I am home in Calgary, Canada after 8 months in New Zealand and 1 week Thailand and 2 weeks Germany/Czech. whoa! I am off to Alaska at the end of July for about 3 weeks by motorbike, whoa! Anyhow, I hope everyone is well and I get to see you all.

My last couple days in Germany I stayed in Koblenz at the Fortress on the hill and took a boat down the Rhine. I had stayed at the Fortress before and wanted to stay again as I enjoyed it so much the first time. It was ok, but I should have tried for a different Castle or place further down the Rhine. Bring dinner as they have nothing except $4 mini burgers. Good breakfast though. Lots of school kids in July.

Koblenz Fortress

Shots from the fortress

Where the Rhein and Mosel come together

The tour down the Rhine is great as you just chill on the top deck of the boat and check out the castles spaced along the hills on the river. Weather was a little rainy, but held out for most of the 6 hour journey. Highly Recommended.


Cosmo Kramer's home town, do you get it?

Stayed in Frankfurt at the "Frankfurt Hostel" which is right by the train station and quite good. Ended up drinking with a bunch of Americans from 19 to 33 in age and talked politics. Someone may have gotten something out of it. Frankfurt is a forgettable city and no bars take credit cards so I was thankful the Americans bought me a couple of beers once I ran out of Euro.

Next stop Alaska.


Anonymous said...

its been a long time but always enjoy checking in on your blog periodically...good to see you made it home safe with no cuts and scratches this time around...looks lke you are still living life to the fullest and loving every minute Brad!
Alaska will be beautiful. I will just live vicariously through your travels as now that the little one has arrived dont think over seas travels are in the cards for awhile...
take care! stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign in so you know who i am - figure just "G" ya..its won' help's GeoLyn...