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2008 July Koln / Cologne

Time to visit Martin one of my Stuttgart mates who lives in Koln right now. I found out Koln is the Gay capital of Europe. This must be difficult to claim, but easy to notice the weekend I was there as it was Christopher street day (became a gay festival day after cops in San Francisco beat down gays on Christopher street which prompted human rights movements and the festival). Lots of dudes in leather, when they were wearing tops. Reminded me of Calgary, kidding!

What else does Koln have? Kolsch Beer and the Dom. I think Koln boasts about 8 different kinds of Kolsch which is a tasty brew only made in Koln. When I was there in 2003 I didn't realize there were 8 kinds and this time I found my fav to be Gaffel, which no one else loves as much as I do.

Oh and the Dom, which you see as you come in on the train, it's big! I found a way to take vertical pans to get the whole church in, check it out. The tourist tower is 500 steps and takes about 20 minutes one way.

Dom normal shot

Dom in Panorama
Inside the Dom

Martin and I up to Dom tower

Shot of the Koln TV tower and other things

Super tight 20 minute climb up these stairs.

Why is Germany so cool? Great people, partying til dawn, Porto-Urinals at festivals, automated bottle deposit machines and drinking in the streets with bottle openers as you exit the store. Oh and girls drinking beer on the street at 1 am while they escort their bike beside them.

Convenience, see the bottle opener as you leave the shop!


Outdoor electronica party.

and after 5:30 am.
Spanish girls we met on our Kolsch Krawl

Why is Germany not cool? Die hard smokers; Germany is in the process of banning smoking inside bars (about 2 years behind most of the world). One hardcore club, in order to stay legal, made everyone sign a contract to accept smoking inside the bar. Too many Stags and Stagettes And Electronica, nuff said.

Simpsons in German

Hey Martin, you awesome and a great friend. Thank you for the hospitality and going with out sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,
I´m afraid I won´t make it to Canada in my holidays - damn! I think I´ll travel around in Europe. But one day: Stampede :-) Have fun in Alaska, hope to see you soon again !

Anonymous said...

Nice too see you too.