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June 2008 Berlin

From Thailand to Berlin via Frankfurt. My old girlfriend from 4 years ago picked me up from Tegel Airport and brought me back to her place where her new boyfriend Roman a director/ photographer was preparing for a photo shoot. The flat, located in Charlottenburg, Berlin, was very cool and much bigger than I expected for European standards with the elevator opening right in to the main workspace of the flat. Had a nice big room to myself, thank you A and R.

My room for the 4 days

Entrance of apartment.

Went to Fusion an outdoor rave type festival that goes for 4 days. We only went for the day which was enough for me and managed to skip the 40 euro entry fee ($65 US). On the way I got up to 180 km on the AutoBahn and got two photo radar tickets. The AutoBahns are not as good as you think and have few limitless sections. Antje, let me know what I owe you for the speed tickets and also when Fusion is next year!

Watch Germany get outplayed by Spain in the 2008 Euro Cup at Roman's friend's River bar. We chilled on beds as the Spanish team captured the title 1 -0. A quiet place to watch the game, but very cool and I'm glad we checked it out. Cool toilets which are located in shipping containers. It's a bloody big bar.

On my last day in Berlin Roman had to take some driving shots a new Infinity car that is coming out in Europe for the first time. He ask me to drive one of the subject cars that was being chased by the other through the streets of Berlin. A bit stressful as Roman was directing from the back of a convertible BMW and had us going all over, but I really enjoyed myself and managed to avoid crashing into anyone. Cool way to get to know Berlin.

Roman checking photos as I drive behind them.

Thank you Antje and Roman for having me in Berlin and I look forward to seeing you again. Best wishes, Brad.

Interesting Bike.

Roman and Antje.

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