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June 2008 Koh Samui Day 8, Thai summary

Baan Talay resort looking in from the ocean. Koh Samui.

Friendly front desk of Baan Talay Resort.

Back in Samui I had one day left before I headed to Germany and still hadn't bought a pair of sun glasses. So, my last day I debated between renting a scooter for $6 and take the bus to and from the big mall for $8. Even though the scooter was hard on the leg/butt I went for it and managed a 2 hour deal as that's all I really needed. Declined the helmet option as you do in Thailand and made my way to the big mall where I picked up a pair of shades for $6, yay! Everything was sweet until on my way back the police blocked off the road and pulled all the scooters in to this parking lot to hand out various fines! Apparently it is the law to wear a helmet and the fine on that day was $10 which was all the baht I had left for lunch, etc. I saw 2 people out of 1000 wearing helmets, so basically the cops made a ton. It was a bit dicey as I almost missed my flight out because of this. Oh Samui.

Thai summary:
- miss Bangkok as you will be able to get every you desire anywhere else and it's a hour transfer to town from the airport. Unless you want to see the rats the size of cats?
- Koh Samui, similar to tourist spots in Mexico and Hawaii, good beach. Try to stay closer to bars to avoid expensive taxis.
- Koh Phangan, will check it out next time, I think?
- Koh Tao, best spot. Good and cheap. Probably only need 1 week here. Great Accommodation and diving. $25US would get you a great sleep, food and some beer.
- Ass injury, all seats and beds are particularly hard in Thailand.
- Mosiquitos are very strong, you don't even know you're bit until you get to Germany!
- Best bathrooms, Koh Samui airport.

All about the scooters.

I know they could add another chair!

Only a tourist would get this photo.

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