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June 2008 Koh Tao

Off to one of the diving spots of Thailand, Koh Tao, which is a 2 hour boat ride from Samui normally. Unfortunately I was on a boat that picked up way too many ruined people from the Full moon party in Koh Phangan two days before. I would have been at this party too, but as noted before I had to cut into my time in Thailand due to the leg/butt injury.

Over crowded boat, check out the pile of boxes and bags.

Arrived at Koh Tao and after looking for a place on the main beach I got a ride up to Buddha view that this American in Bangkok told me about. Nice spot with a great beach bar and well set up for diving, but unfortunately they had no rooms. They took me over to Tropicana next door and got me set up. Great room for $12 US/night, manual flush toilet (you have to dump a dish of water to flush it), great balcony located in Chalok Baan Kao Bay which is 2 km from the main beach and partying area.

Tropicana room

This was fine as I came to Koh Tao to dive. Only draw back to Chalok Baan Kao Bay is a super swallow beach that collects some garbage.

Tropicana is great and good value for budget travel, if you want to spend more you can get really good rooms at Buddha View, which also has a nice pool. Oh and an Amazing BBQ that I went to every night! You basically pick your food and pay accordingly. Huge prawns, marlin steak, fillet mignon wrapped in bacon, skewers and always some sneaky spicy dish in the buffet (about $8 US for a really big feed).
Fish made from a plastic bottle.

Buddha beach bar.

Finally some diving. Went for 2 dives, White Rock and Japanese Gardens. Good visibility and heaps of fish. Water was 30 degree C. Slipped on the boat and hurt my butt again so took a couple days off. Had 2 more dives, South West Pinacle and White Rock. Came across the aggressive Thai Trigger Fish, which does attack by ramming and biting, but had no issues.
Final 2 dives in Chumphon Pinacle and Twins. Saw a couple of Reef sharks (1.8m) at Chumphon pinacle which I wasn't looking forward to, but really enjoyed. They are so wide and remind me of the thickness of a boxer or bull dog.
Over all the diving was really good, warm, clear and the boats were easy to get set up, jump off and climb back into. Hope to get a couple photos from my dive buddy Solomon.

Here's the Scooter I rented which was calling my name. Koh Tao is a smaller version of the greek island Paros, that rents scooters with no helmets and is where I first developed my need to get on two wheels. Roads are a lot worst though and there is really only 5 km to drive.

Shot of the street and typical Thai drivers.

Me in front of Shark bay which is one bay over from where I stayed.

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Anonymous said...

I think Ive been on that boat - back in 96. They ran it aground on a reef coming back to samui from day trip - good to see it still floats. Benny