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Aug 15, Day 21 On the Ferry to Prince Rupert

Back on the Ferry; Juneau to Prince Rupert (1 day 8 hrs with a 4 hour stop in Ketchikan, left at 6:30pm August 14 and arrived 2:30 am August 16, $350). I love Ferries! Got myself a spot in the Solarium where everyone can sleep in the open air under a roof as per the video. Great time in the bar the first night with a tuned guitar that I just had to play. Everyone in the bar was a biker. At this moment I realized that I am a true biker (it only took 50,000 km over the last 3 years!).

Go Tug boat!

Next day in Ketchikan we went for a little walk, lunch and said goodbye to Cody. Very interesting cat from Nome, AK. That's his 1981 Harley in the photo.
(Jess and Holly(Whitehorse), Mike(former mayor of Capitola, CA), Javier (Spaniard riding from Arctic circle to Southern tip of South America) and Cody)

Cody's stop was Ketchikan. See you next year...

In Ketchikan, the floater planes land right beside where the ferry comes in and docks. A constant stream of these little guys coming in. It sounds like a world war 2 dog fight and they are everywhere. Must be a lot of crashes.

Great sky.

click the panorama done with my little camera.

Hacking on the back deck as the sun sets.

Can you see the floater plane on the right side.

Peaceful moon.

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