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August 11, Anchorage

Fairbanks to Nenana was the best part of the road conditions to Anchorage. C=7,R=8,T=2,V=7. Sweeps and Valley views.

Made my way to Denali nation park to see Mt. McKinley (Mt. Denali) the highest peak in North America at 6200m. The highest peak in Canada, Mt. Logan is 6000m and Everest is 8848m to give you an idea. Unfortunately McKinley is rarely seen from its view point and this day was no exception. I did however get to see it from Anchorage later in the day at over 150 miles away. See photo way below.

Hit some more construction traffic.

I like this shot just outside of Anchorage (50 miles). Click to get a better feel of it.

Made it to Anchorage and stayed at the Alaskan Backpackers Inn. Pretty good although the noise moves through the room doors quite easily. Went to the Snowy Goose to enjoy the patio and some good food. Definitely expensive. Met Steve from Seattle who bought my flight of beers (taster of beer) and when he left two others shared my table, Mike and Amber. Very cool people who were locals after moving from Maine. They actually had CBC growing up and knew shit about Canada, cool. I wish I had a couple days more in Anchorage. May be next time.

Me from the Snowy Goose patio.

Some sunset shots.

You can actually see McKinley which is over 150 miles away.

Mt. McKinley is in the middle of the photo just to the right. Can you see it?

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