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August 13, Juneau (30,000), AK via Sea

Haines to Juneau via Sea, bit rainy.

Poor little boat.

Beautiful GlacierSymphony of Whales

Coming in to Juneau it looks like the town is underneath a glacier, but that's not the case.
This is just funny and cute. The dad's bald like the baby and is using a diaper as a pillow.

Love Ferry rides! Saw whales and dolphins off the ferry, met Sue and Kevin who convinced me to go to Vancouver Island. Met Maggie, a 20 year old who spent 6 months in Africa getting children sponsored. She was coming from Haines to Juneau and flying to Seattle. While in Haines she was a kayaking guide serving the "Newly wed, Nearly dead and over fed". I doubled her 13 miles from the ferry on a fully loaded bike. It was a good challenge and I only wish I had a picture of it with her two big bags on top of my stuff. Reminded me of Thailand. I may have cracked my rear tire valve as the tire developed a slow leak after this.

Maggie in front of one of the many Cruise Ships.

The Hostel in Juneau is the cheapest ever! $10 plus a chore, which was vacuuming for me. It's a bit restrictive as you can't be there during the day and must be in by 12am. It didn't stop me from going for a couple of beers at the Alaskan Hotel and entering into some great conversation about capital punishment with two French Canadians. Really digging the French Cdns almost as much as Germans!

Beware of poor information from the info center people in Juneau!

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