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July 27, 08, Liard Hot Springs

800 km - Dawson Creek to Liard. A day of cops flashing me, what? On two separate occasions police flashed lights at me and I wasn't sure that it was a warning or if they turned around and followed me. I didn't stop to find out.

Fort St. John to Fort Nelson. Price of gas goes up to $1.55/liter or more. Nice road with a some gravel fills along the way. Curves(C)=3, Road condition(R)=7, Traffic level(T)=2, Views(V)=5.

Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs. Great views! Big climb to get on top of the mountains and then along rivers and lakes. C=6,R=6,T=1,V=8. Gas goes to $1.89/liter at Summit Lake. As I take a photo of this I meet Michel, a chiropractor from Montreal who's on a Harley. We decide to ride together, which I enjoyed a lot even though he was on a Harley, ha!

Scenic riding shots
Buffalo encounterLiard Hot Springs, amazing.

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