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July 29, Tok, Alaska and some rain

Territory Building in Whitehorse

Little Black bear on the side of the road.

Whitehorse to Haines Junction. Roads start to get rough. C=4,R=3/4,T=2,V=6. Michel and I part ways as he has to make the long journey back to Quebec in order to make it back to work in time. Nice that I don't have a job. My limitation is a baseball tournament Aug 22, so I've got a bit of time.

On the road to the Canadian / USA border I stopped for fuel at a tiny ma and pa pump to fuel. The owner turns out to be Barb Higgins Uncle, Jim Cook (Barb is a local TV personality in Calgary). Very nice man. The road from Hains jct to border is full of frost heave, so I'm bouncing up and down. Was kind of fun, even though this is how I crashed my bike in NZ (My VFR is amazing, ha). C=5,R=4,T=2,V=7.

Alaska finally.

My smile quickly disappeared when I came across...
C=7, R=3, T=2, V=7. (United Statesians definitely don't run straight roads)

Candy Cane road repairs from previous years. Some gravel, sand pavement, grey pavement and black pavement.


Guys like this, although it is hilarious.

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