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July 30 to August 10 Rain-banks, AK

Well I made it as far north as Fairbanks, AK where in August the sun sets around 1am and rises around 3:30am, Holy Shit. The city is populated by a lot of Military as there are two bases in the area. After my 3300km I rolled up to Mara's place to have a nice reunion. Unfortunately during my time in Fairbanks we had a lot of rain, which flooded out Mara's home town of Nenana and limited a lot of the hikes and camping she had planned. We did manage to watch lots of "Arrested Development" and if you haven't seen it you better before I see you next time because it is the best show ever made!!!

A quite Karaoke night at the Blue Loon, which also shows movies nightly in their theater. Cool idea which they also have in NZ.

Tanana State Fair, a couple of music stages, beer garden, jumbo Turkey legs ($8) and 8 rides. Good enough for me.

Drive thrus everywhere, partly because it gets down to minus 50 C in the winter.

And of course you couldn't have drive bys after your drive thru with out these for sale at Wal-Mart.

Had one sunny day so I got to hike Angel Rocks, see a Moose and go into the Chena Hot Springs.

On top of one of the Angel Rocks peaks.

Chena Hot Springs, bloody hot.

Saw a Moose.

This is just nice.

Panorama drinking shots at my friend Joe's Birthday. Adam, Ana, Joe

Emily, Me, Adam (again).

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Nice photo of the lake.