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August 17, Ferry to Port Hardy, Vancouver Island

Got to the ferry for 5:30 am after packing a moist tent. I rolled on to the boat and already felt the difference between US and Canadian ferries. As I parked the bike the attendant put blocks under it for me, handed me a couple of tie downs and gave me information on where I should go when I got to the passenger areas. A little different than the US boats. Anyhow, the costs for everyone's info is about $150 for a passenger and $200 for a motorbike for a 14 hour ride.

Around the half way point of the trip.

Here's what happens when you put your camera on self-timer and throw it in the air.

What do I have to say?

Stayed with Mike, Jess and Holly in the North Shore Inn for the night in a 3 double bed room. Room was a good size and wasn't too bad after you got used to the fishy smell by the door? Had some Jim Beam I'd been carrying for 5 days and some silly conversations. Good times.

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