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Ausgust 18, Day 24 Port Hardy to Courtney

Finally a good day to ride. Temp = 24C (highest of the trip).
Shot from the North Shore Inn in Port Hardy. Still smelt like fish.

Started driving to Campbell River / Courtney and stopped off at Telegraph Cove along the way. Road was good enough, except for a poorly marked fork. I almost took a gravel rd bath, but fortunately I had time to stop as I saw the car ahead of me start throwing dust.

Log train and collection point 2 km from Telegraph Cove.

Port Hardy to Campbell River, C=7,R=7,T=3,V=7.

I was hoping to dive in Campbell river, but unfortunately there were no charters happening the next day. One guy at the shop offered to take me for ONE shore dive for $110! Screw that, considering if there was a charter I would have had two dives and accommodation for $150.

Some great cravings along the side of Highway 19A.

What a dream.Rocky coast line. Campbell river to Courtney on hwy 19A was a little disappointing as the traffic was too thick and it's has such a low speed limit. C=5,R=7,T=5,V=6.

Little clip about getting food in Courtney on a Monday. I ended up going for all you can eat fish and chips to which they only gave me four pieces because I didn't eat the batter. I wasn't going to push it.

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