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December 2008, Christmas and motorbikes

Attended our office Christmas party on Dec. 6 and was the only one to volunteer to be Santa. NZ is definitely not a big celebrator of Christmas or in my office for that matter. Much more like summer holidays than Christmas.

A couple of shots of my room in Wellington. I'm living in a 4 bedroom townhouse on the edge of the Central Business District (CBD) with a decent garage. My room has a balcony with ocean views, yes! It's like being in Paris in the spring, haha.

Rudoph, who was the Secret Santa gift I received at the office party, helped me open my presents from my mom and grandparents.

Sweet diving flash light (torch for UK and Southern Hemi)

Boxing Day and the Wanganui Races. My first live bike races, may be next year I'll race, Yeah Right! Saw a couple of crashes and top speeds of 200km plus on this rare street race circuit. Not a lot of Street races left in the world. I believe the most famous one is the Island of Man, UK.

Great day for a ride.
Lots of riders passing by and tonnes of cops.

Some of the race day group. Glen made it out of the house as he has been feeling pretty good for the last couple of days.

A mate of the group, Jarod. I think he managed a fourth in one of the races.

How am I not a sports reporter? I guess the only thing missing is a sweet interview.

Time to take it to the track! Lovely photoradar I got in November. 25km over in a 50km = $170 and apparently it's enough in NZ to send this photo with a hand recorded license number.