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Day 6, Diving the Poor Knights Islands

Up at 5:50 to get out to Tutukaka for 7:30 ish where the Poor Knights Islands are for some diving. Very good operator "Dive Tutukaka", best I've seen in NZ, but to be fair I haven't seen much. The Skipper was great and knew tonnes of info and the dive guide was excellent as well, Dawn. Very amzing scenery.

Heading out to the Islands (45 min ride).

One of only a few shots I got as the camera needed to stay dry.

Perparing for the dives with the German version of Michael Cera from "Arrested Development" in my shot. (Funniest show ever!)

First Dive, "Magic Wall". Some scorpion fish. 7 mm wet suit was a must. I had orignally thought you could go with a thinner suit in Northland (18C), but the water temp is only 2 degrees warmer than Wellington at this time of year (16C). Good thing I called ahead and brought mine up with me.

Second Dive, "Blue Mao Mao". Definitely felt the cold as I didn't get the blood flowing enough between dives. More great colours and marine bottom. Saw my first sting ray. Oh yes and I was attacked by this fish! Not an actual photo. I think it was a type of Angel fish. We looked at each other for a minute, I stuck my hand out to be friends and he snapped at my finger. Too fast for me, so the only thing I could do was swim away. The little prick followed me for at least another couple of minutes. I talked to the cops, but they were no help.

Overall, not nearly the amount of fish life I expected, but a good site regardless. Some days you just miss the fish.

My Dive buddy Frank from Erfurt, Germany.

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