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Day 7, Whangerai to Paihia

What can be an hour trip from Whangerai to Paihia was turned into 4 hours by taking the scenic route and ferry from Russell to Paihia. 200 km or so.

Great sunny day for riding.

Check out the air pump.

Whangerai Falls

Whangerai to Hikurangi via Tutukaka. C9,R4,T5,V7. Curves upon curves. Road was great to Tutukaka, then pot holes and gravel spray from driveways. Small towns causing a bit of traffic. Views of beaches which is always nice for me. Left wing mirror was hanging off when I stopped to take a couple of photos. So I bagged it and only had a right mirror the rest of the trip. Kind of funny really.

How else would Kiwis get their boats to the water?

Whakapara to Russell. C9,R4/5,T4/5,V8.

Russell is a nice spot with some pricey holiday homes.

Took the Ferry over to Paihia and they charged me the same as a car, bastards! At least I don't have to wait in line. One more reason NZ is great for Motorbikes, although to be fair bikes get on Ferry's first in Canada too and I don't think I have paid for any short ferry rides like in NZ.

Made it to Cap'n Bob's which was pretty damn amazing. 1 minute from the beach with views, great kitchen and BBQ with lots of free fixings and huge dorm rooms. Bob did seem like he knew how good his place was and didn't have much time for chit chat. Great base for 3 days to get some diving in, etc. Bit far from the bars, 15 minute walk, which is still pretty good. There are many more backpacker options closer to the bars if you want that.

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