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Dec. 30, Day 2 to Tauranga

Day 2 on the open road to Tauranga. 500 km.

Left Becs and Claudia (and Diasho) and the little batch they put me up in for the night. Good times.

Past through Gisborne to a full town of music festival goers (Rhythm and Vines, featuring Public Enemy?).
Gisborne to Tolaga Bay; C9,R6,T2,V6/7.

Tolaga Bay to Te Araroa; C8,R5,T2,V6. Lots of unattended dips in the rd. Signs, but no repairs and not much for ocean views.

Tokomaru Bay

Te Araroa to Opotiki; C9,R5,T2,V7. Not enough ocean. This section reminded me of parts of Nova Scotia with little towns along the ocean settled into low patches.

All and all the East Cape was great even though the "European" New Zealanders around the country told me it was dangerous and crappy. I was expecting broken down homes and cars everywhere (like canadian indian reservations), but was happily surprised to see that it was nothing like that.

Made it to Blair's parents for the next couple of days, including New Years.

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