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January 2009 Wellington Cup and?

The Wellington Cup for my second time. A healthy size group of us, picnic lunches and great weather. Lots of people and unbelievable lines all day. I guy could make 10 times the money they make on alcohol if they had more bars set up. Next year I'm definitely bringing my own booze. The main feature though, The races were very exciting, especially because I had money on most of the races. This year I picked by the names I liked along with middle of the road odds. At the end of the day I came away $20 up which was basically the same as last year.

This could be TLOB video of the year and were only in January!

Random night out with two of my flatmates, Max and Becs. Good girls and the flat is going really good. Probably one of the best flats in NZ. I'm sure we will see Zeke's photo in February.

Robbie Burns Day (250th birthday of the great Scottish writer). My mate Rob Wright with others put together a good night of whisky tasting, traditional eating and yes poetry. I even wrote one and recited it to a predominantly Scot crowd. Needless to say I kept with the canadian accent even though you really want to jump into your best Scottish after a couple of whiskies.

"New Scotland Dinner"

None at our table sit alone,
Most amongst us are far from home,
Some familiar, some unknown,
Great New Zealand,
We join to dine in our new home,
Long live Scotland

by Brad Costa 25/01/09

Piping in the Haggis, yum.

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