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March 2009, Saints, Sales, Shaves...

Well, March was a month of Saints, Sales, Shaves and Air Sailings.

Firstly, again I went to St David's day (Welsh day) and again I was sucked in to eating a raw leek! Good times, Gaz, Sammy, Dorit and an 80 year old Welshy who put back shots of Tequila with us (2 or 3 rounds of it). Bet your Grandparents can't do that.

Sold my New Zealand VFR. I made a profit of $800 from when I bought it a year before. It's amazing how bikes hold their value in NZ. The guy was from the South Island and didn't even see the bike. He paid me online, I brought it to the ferry terminal and that was the last I saw of it. What a country.

Went to my friend Lynnda's head shaving. Thanks to all that donated towards cancer. I think she lots fantastic!

Went out for St. Paddy's, nothing to report. I think it will be my last St. Paddy's. I may be the only person not in love with the Irish these days.

Air Sailing or some may say Flying? Went on my introduction to flying lesson that I got from Nic. Thanks! If you haven't done this, you have to! It is really worth it. I was so tight with nervousness my back muscles almost crushed my spine. Once we leveled off I got into it a little more and by the time we landed I was ready to go again. I will need to fit in some time for this...Oh and a lot of the pilots also have motorcycles. Funny how life simply unfolds in front of us as with gravitate towards our path.

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