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June 2009, Epic Journey to Cardiff Days 12 - 14

Boarded a boat from Koh Phangan at 14:30 (8:30 am UK time), Samui to Bangkok flight 19;15 (13:15 UK), Bangkok to Frankfurt flight 0:00 (18:00 UK), Frankfurt to Birmingham flight 8:40 (7:40 UK), Birmingham to Leicester Train 10:15 UK, Leicester to Wigston Bus 12:00 UK, Wigston to Cardiff Motorcycle 16:00 UK, Arrive Cardiff 20:00 UK = 36 hours.

Sour Point - They call it rip off Britain and the may be right. If you want a trolley at the airport you have to pay. And if you don't have a pound you can put €2.00 in which is worth 1.8 pound ($3.25 US). So many passengers coming from Germany including myself tried to take a trolley only to look up in disappointment. Funny thing is I would have only been able to use it for 200 m as I came to some stairs. Urgh!
On the bike. Took all motorway to Cardiff as I wasn't sure of the weather or my energy level to get there. Thanks for the bike Josh, taking care of some stuff and for the care in general Bex.
So, I made it to Cardiff. Had a chat with Mari who I stayed with, then slept for 10 hours.

Dave / Josh's bike and a funny hatted cop (Bobby?)

Cardiff Castle

I want one! ($30 US)
The more I travel the more Costa's I find. This is actually a massive coffee chain in the UK.

It is not possible to get a self timer protrait any more interupted then this one as the biker cruised pass. I love it actually.
Cardiff Bay
Welsh Government building looks like an Opera house or Theatre? Politicians are entertainers, aren't they?
Beer taps at one of Mari's locals. Mmmmm Brains. You can get SA at the Welsh bar in Wellington and I think Bitter also. It's all good.

Oh yeah, and go to Zero Degrees for a good beer too.
If you have time check out the 3 drunk Welsh guys chatting with me. Apparently everyone in Wales has been to Canada and NZ. The sound is quiet, sorry.

Thanks for having me stay Mari. Really what I needed to rest up and all.


Unknown said...

Shania Twain playing in the background! Very Authentic.

BBB said...

What an ear for detail.