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July 2009, Passing through Koln Day 35

Getting back to the UK I stopped in Koln for the night to have a couple of beers with Martin and then make the ferry in Calais, FR for 3pm the next day.

Here's a shot of what a no speed limit sign looks like on the Autobahns. On my last day in German I took the bike up to top speed, but unfortunately I have no idea what that was as the speedo cable was still dead. I am guessing 220km/hr @ 11,500 rpm. I'm sure someone can whip off the calculation and I probably should be able to as well, but for now I will stick with the estimate.

An accident caused a huge line on the Autobahn about 50 km from Koln. It's easy to see how loosing one lane would handicap this great road system. See Vids.

Made it to Martin's around 7:30pm and we jumped out of the house for a couple of beers and pizza on Canada day. Always go to hang with Martin. Not much note of Canada Day, but regardless the town was very busy considering it was Wednesday. Sunny weather will do that to people.

This shot below is of a plant that I saw at dusk on the way in to Koln at the beginning of my trip (unfortunately I couldn't get that shot on the first day as there was too much traffic). Try to imagine a thick fog laying around the bottom of the stacks at night with lights everywhere. Oh well, I can't get every shot.


The beach in Calais about 4 minutes from the ferry. I think this town could be a good stop on the next tour.

This shot might help us understand how the French continue to move forward in other areas using funds that they don't give the Police. Not often do you see a cop car like this and in this type of condition. If you open the photo you can see the missing trim, etc.

A very easy tie down system on P&O Ferries (23 euros from Calais to Dover).

Back to jolly old England...