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June 2009, Wien, Austria Day 28

Finally, I said goodbye to the Czech Republic. Hard place to leave. Left Milan's around 3pm and made it to Sari's another couch surfer in Wien (Vienna) around 9pm. Not much rain, but I was too be there at 7pm. Not only did I get lost, but I got caught up at a casino at the border thinking I would simply put my Czech Koruny in to a slot machine and lose it all. After 30 minutes of trying I walked away with 100Kc more than when I got there. 300Kc = 12 euros, woooowhoooo. Sorry I was late Sari.

Eastern Austria flatting in to prairies.

Had some white wine and soda water with Sari, which seems more common as I move East. Chilled in candle lights and Sari read my Past, Present and Future on Tarot cards. Past; I have gained lots of knowledge. Present; a big decision is pending which I will find if I take time to think about it. Future; very big rewards are to come and are linked to the decision I will make. Sounds good to me.

9.5 hours in a hammock. Sweet and surprisingly easy to sleep in. I will look into putting one up on my deck in Welly.

In the morning Sari took me on a whirlwind tour of Wien.

Stephansdom, tallest church in Austria.

This marking on the church wall was used to measure bread bought at the market ensuring it was the correct size for the price.

Inside Stephansdom

Interesting floor. On first look you would assume that it is simply a stone street, but it is actually made of wood.

Austrian Beer, Gosser.

Lunch. I had the pork with a mild sourkraut und pommes.

In and around Hero's Square.

I believe this is the Parliament building. Beautiful.

Went for a traditional Vienna cafe stop before leaving. I had iced tea that you make right at your table.

Inside the cafe the waitresses were very interested in my motorcycle as I was loading it out front.

Stay tuned to find out what this photo is all about...

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