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August 2009, Canoing and Softball

Two events of note in August. A quaint little camping / Canoeing trip and Carseland 2009!

In mid August a handful of us made it out for a night to Todd Mcbride's Red Deer River Cabins. A very nice spot on the side of the Red Deer River about 10 minutes drive from Dinosaur Provincial Park. For those who don't know, Southern Alberta is home to many archaeological sites containing Dinosaur fossils. Todd was very informed on this, but unfortunately with the rain through out Saturday it left little time for a proper exploration of the Park on Sunday.

A bit of drinking games lead by Algernon and myself, a big meal on the BBQ as we huddled inside the mess area, a big outdoor fire once the rain stopped and a canoe trip on Sunday down the River. The biggest challenge of the weekend was navigating the muddy roads in and out of the place. Definitely a good spot to see for travellers from outside of Alberta, especially when it's sunny!

Drinking games

Fishing off the shore

Roaring warm fire.

Explanation vid for Sunday morning.

A couple solid hours of canoeing.

On the way home through the Indian Reservation I took this photo. Teepees set up everywhere for one of their weekend festivals (Pow Wows).

Then near the end of August there was Carseland 2009, a season ending softball tournament for the league I have played in every summer for the past 9 seasons. I have never missed a season ending tournament yet. Good times. Over the past 6 or 7 years the team has turned up in costume and this year it was Tennis players. Kind of a rib to all the other teams showing that we are there for a good time and softball isn't even our main focus.

Junior and I on our way out on Friday night.

Some of the crew. We actually had two teams this year and this was the group of hard cores out of those two teams that camped both Friday and Saturday. Good group of people.

Myself in my casual off court clothes.

Fireworks footage of Darrah on Friday night. Very entertaining stuff.

Tom Anderson the next morning leading the team in to battle.

Getting down to business.

Is it a ball in my pocket???

A classic video of how we choose home field advantage with IMV Projects every time we play them in the tournament. Beer Relay, have a look to see how it's played. Thanks for capturing it Tommy.

A good tournament again. This year we won some and lost enough not to win it all. Didn't do very well in the tennis either.

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