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September 2010, New Bike, Fancy photos

September 2010 and I'm still in NZ. As most of you know my plan was to be on a motorbike riding from Canada to South America which meant I would be back in Canada preparing in September. Plans have changed. At the moment I am in the middle of creating a TV show which has a good chance of happening, but I can not confirm this yet. Regardless, whether it does or not I am learning lots about the TV industry and have decided to play this thing out. That means this month I have bought a new bike, got to go to the Qantas Awards show and have been involved with some fancy pictures.

Another VFR! With my plans unknown I was poking around on Trademe and came across a little red VFR for a good price in Palmerston North (small town with few buyers around). I decided to snap it up on the online auction and pick it up on a trip down to Welllington which will happen in early October. Stay tuned.

In the middle of the month I was invited to the Qantas TV awards by a friend from TVNZ. I was very happy to go and didn't mind flipping the bill for a one night suit hire since it is the NZ version of the Oscars with a red carpet entry and all that. A great chance to bump elbows with local celebrities and get my hand on the pulse of this industry, especially in Auckland which is more TV based than Wellington. It was a good night and I think I filled my role as arm candy for the eve with out a trip or fall.

Mate of mine Thomas Robbins accepting the first award of the night for the Web Drama "Reservoir Hill" that I worked on in 2009 (had to sneak the photo from my phone so I didn't look like a tourist).

Running into a friend of mine, Rachelle, at the bar outside the theatre.

Some shots of me in the evening suit earlier in the day that were taken by an aspiring photographer Ahmed.

Later in the month another photo shoot with another aspiring photographer Nic Fletcher. This one was very stylised with a Gattaca influence.

Other things...

Flatmates Cuzzy and Pete having a cuppa on a sunny day.

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