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June 2011 Part 1, Two for Tonga

I love shots in flight!

Finally back to traveling in June 2011 and my first Pacific Island, Tonga (aside from Hawaii, NZ and Australia). I had to break the blog in to 2 parts as I just couldn't cut down on the great photos Lenka had taken in Tonga. Part 2, Fiji and LA next...

In January Lenka said, "you want to go to an island with me" and I thought man that's a good idea. No one has ever asked me that before! 6 months later we went.

Our plan was to enjoy one of the islands before we returned to our respective countries (Czech and Canada). So we looked around for last minute deals and took a chance on the less traveled Tonga which lies approximately 500km South East of Fiji.

A country of only 20,000 and few tourists we really got the opportunity to get away from everyone. There are only 7 hotels on the island so the choices are limited, but we found a great spot. Keleti resort sits a top the South side of Tonga and boast miraculous views of the unabided in coming South Pacific as it crashes in to the protective rocky reef along the Southern shore. Although the views are great in Tonga I wouldn't say the cuisine is a point of conversation and in truth I came back with some kind of 8 day food poisoning so be careful when you go there. Lenka did not get sick so it could just be my soft stomach.

From the air you can see the protective rocks on the southern shore.

View from our hut.

The power of the ocean as it pounds the rocks at high tide.

Me down at the beach in front of those great rocks (high tide)

South Beach and Rock Reef, so cool.

Lenka and one of the guard dogs.

Low tide and sun set on the rocks.

Fashion and a hot scooter!

Our trusty transportation. First hill was bad, but once she warmed up. I should mention that I found out later that you are not legally allowed to drive in Tonga with out a Tonga license. Easy to get, just wait in line at the DMV and pay $50. No test required. I didn't have one. (BTW: It is illegal to have more than one license at least between Canada and NZ, so either way you are doing something wrong).

Tonga corner store. All items behind the cage including the employee.

Tongan cemetery above ground graves.

Tongan Total gas station.

Can't get enough of the Rocks!

Natural spa in the Rocks, but not that warm (25C is still pretty good)

More Coconut juice! Probably too much, but it's half the price of a coke.

Time to check out the underworld.

Cool wreckage sitting just off an island resort.

Tongan Stonehenge.

Big Umu and a little cave party after. Umu a ground roast pig with other fixings similar to the Maori Hangi. Video is of the band and host at this beach resort. Quite a mission to get there by scooter in the dark.

The island way to get into a coconut! Check out the KNIFE work!

Brad's way of what to do with your coconut after you drink it and still have Vanilla Vodka left over!

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