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May 26-June26, Day 229-260, BUENOS AIRES - MAKING ROOTS

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DAY 229 - 260, May 26 - June 26, 2012, Buenos Aires, Temp 8-22C (N/A, 31,230km)

It's a big city!  As I mentioned in the previous post I decided I would spend another month in Buenos Aires at the end of my trip to relax, catch up on my blog and enjoy the city, while hoping to learn more Spanish.

As I also said before Buenos Aires is the latin New York and at a 1/4 the price it's a great place to have a month.  Lots of live music, outstanding food, sights to see and so many interesting people to meet and / or watch.  Although June is not a warm month in BA it was go enough and we really didn't get too much rain.  Now, let's try to capture a bit of the city life...

Tucuman 963, in the back apartment on the top floor (7th) a great little spot to settle in for a month and a good base to explore from.

Well appointed apartment

Night in front of my apartment, quiet

On the water front in Puerto Madero the nicest part of BA

Mac and I at Siga La Vaca: Choose your meats

Choose your veg, fruit, dessert


Still hungry, no, just crazy from so much food

More water front views

This boat was turned in to a museum in Puerto Madero
La Fragata Sarmiento

Gorgeous bridge, kinda
phallic for the name
The Bridge of the Lady

Beautiful architecture

Some daytime in BA.  Not a lot of day moments for me since they live in the night here.  Dinner before 9pm is a crime, but I did manage to get out for lunch and other afternoon activities.

Side Story: looking to get the bike washed I finally found a place that would wash a motorbike.  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true that no one washes bikes and there are also no places to "do it yourself".  The only place I found for bike washing wanted $20USD and I had to come back in two days, WTF?  Ah, forget washing the bike...until you come across a guy with a pressure washer cleaning his company vehicle.  Why not ask if I could pay to use his pressure washer?  "No problema" and of course I couldn't pay him.  Thank you Dario!

Ok, I didn't sleep here, but he did.
He's probably laughing at me
because I'm laying in his bathroom!

Great side story and saved me $20!

If you look close enough you can see the Obelisk ahead

Foggy Obelisk 
A music night out to see Vicentico an Argentinian Legend!  Have a listen.

The ladies like Vicentico

My monthly parking spot about 8 blocks from my place.
Per day is $5, but monthly is only $50!

Yum, pick your own pastry. $.25 ea

The parrilla at cdn Johnny's party.
All grills seem to be wood burning
in Arg.

One of these is a fake that a F'ing taxi driver gave me as
change! I still got it and hope to pay a taxi with it. $10 lost.

New buddy Julian and his parrilla

Side Story: While on the street with the bike this Argentinian, Julian, came up to me asking in Spanish if I wanted to sell any bike parts.  Que?  He switched to English and we moved in to a chat about the trip.  Short story, he invited me to come by for a BBQ and if I liked I could store my bike at his while I was back in Canada.  Why not, thanks Julian.

More music, this time a couple of guys I met at a party, Gabriel (keys) and Pato (bass) at Club Boris.

The Metro is actually really good in BA

In a sleeping bag in my apartment
as the heater was not working, 12C

Black magic done at the wall of a cemetery by Julian's.
A sacrifice of a chicken and other items lay untouched.

A gate lock designed by Julian

"Kids in the Hood are always hard..." 

Oh yeah, it's a hood alright

Checked out Tigre one on the weekend hot spots for Portenos (people of BA).

Julian and his Laser at his yacht club

Really nice spot

Tigre water front

The water is not dirty, it's brown in BA do to the soils

Tigre market

Holy Shit!

My question is? the Couch going in or out?

My first Mate and advertising for
Dulce de Leche

Julian's Dad's Birthday

He's niece with the most energy ever

Julian's dad's birthday.  Cool to be included in this big family dinner (I still can't get used to guys giving me greeting kisses on the cheek).

see the video

More day time action in BA.

This ambulance was stuck here in traffic for 3 min. This
old man was cursing them (probably for being too loud)

Outlet stores that only have 5%
of the shelves filled.

The Pink House (Casa Rosada) - Argentina Capital Building

Catedral Metropolitana

nice hallway

I love this scene

The language exchange at Temple bar where I met Mac.  Not a bad spot, but I always ended up switching to English there.

Always specials on exchange night

More good food at Notorious

Not just good food, but good jazz at Notorious 

Hockey in BA, well inline hockey

When it rains put some plastic bags on your feet

Another photo of the Obelisk

Who's this F'ing tourist takin photos

bus line ups a little worse than Canada
Waiting to get approval for USD as
the government is holding it back
from everyone. Thus a Black Market

My butcher at the Chino (Chinese Market)

Another Bon o Bon enjoyment
Into the night to go to the Winter Solstice at least the way the Natives celebrate it.

I love this sculpture near the University Law building

Local tribesman talking about the
Soltice.  We all had to state thanks
to Mother Nature

University Law Building

Those candy nuts, hot roasted - Garrapinada.  Love it!

For those who don't know

I have a fear of birds!

Our local lunch take away spot for lomito!  Yum!
The old crowd diner like you would find in a small town.
Everyone is a buddy.

A old school photo of the owner
Oh, Lomito!
A solid tourist day as Mac and I went to the Japanese Gardens, Old Town and San Telmo.  A big, well spent day that I am glad I did in hindsight.

Let's go to the Japanese Gardens by carriage...

Just like Japan...I have no idea
Bonsai trees of course

Got to have sushi

Big fish!

Japanese bridge

Old town, which actually shuts down by 5pm as the area is a little rough in the night.  Tourist flock here in the day though to check out tango and markets in and around the cobble stone streets.

The city added a lot of colour
to this tough neighbourhood

Small restaurant tango display

The harbour looks great in the dark

Mac and I followed this street performance through San Telmo

Very interesting and a first for me

Nice meal to finish the night

With only a few days to go in Argentina before I flew back to Canada I rode over to Julian's to tuck the bike away until my return.  Thanks for hanging on to Bumble Bee.
All this to Julian's place.

This is the famous Villa 31 (Hood 31).  Very dangerous place
only 2 km from my apartment.

Parking the bike for a 5 month rest while I return to Canada.  A couple tight doors to get through, but I've seen worse on this trip.  
cosy, right by the parrilla

One last night out in BA and this was a good one.  Tato and I went to this outstanding Percussion group called La Bomba.  Definitely listen to the videos!

12 drummers and a guess guitarist.

The always excitable Tato

Watch the hand signals of the maestro.

Special thanks to Mac, Julian and Tato for showing me around and helping me out.

Other Stuff

Hello Kitty!
A typical site in front of the
apartment waiting for the daily
garbage pick up.

Some antique knives in Julian's
That's a bar of soap on a mount

WTF...bachelor party?

look at the hair on this kid, yikes.  Dudes do like having
longer hair in Argentina.

Nice design
Just one of the ways I was learning