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August 2012, Rafting and Golfing my way back to work

August (with a little footage from July) was all about rafting.  Oh and I guess starting work as an Engineer again for another 4 month contract helping fund my life and search for eternal summer.

For those who don't know I woke up one morning in 2005 realizing that I really didn't want to ride my motorbike in 5 deg C that day and it hit me that I only had 40 or 50 summers to go.  Forget that noise!  I decided to make it 80 to 100 summers instead by going North and South like the birds.  Since 2005 that has been the plan working back and forth between the two Hemispheres which began in Jan 2006 in Aussie.

I guess this dream of eternal summer created the life of brad and the search for my perfect place to spend most of my days.  Don't get me wrong I love coming back to Calgary for the summer and a little rafting down the Bow river and Elbow river are high on the list.

Here's some video and photos of my time on the Bow and Elbow rivers this summer with Tommy A and other people.  Thanks Tommy for always pushing us to go and for providing the raft, jackets and all the equipment.  You are a true Legend of Rafting!

Let's start with the Bow a bit bigger and faster moving, but of course this is not white water by any means.

Mike and Tom getting organized

Patrol boats to shutdown any fun.

$25 million Peace Bridge, WTF!!!

Tommy figure it was a good idea to take off his life jacket
and jump in the water for a swim. This is totally legal, but
it's kind of like slamming on your brakes when a cop is
following you.  It motivates them to find something
Sure Legal, but not recommended.
NO ticket was issued.

Another day or two over at the smaller, very swallow Elbow river for a couple floats on a couple Saturdays later in the month.  Being more tranquil this river fills up with rafters on the hot days.

Let's go!  (Is it just me or does the house on the left look
like a set of drawers?)

Why are we up here when the river
is down there?

Um, I'll take the easy way

Brad standing in the river waiting for Tommy and Gord to repel down a steep hill avoiding driving to the easy access side.  Uff!

Crazy steep access on this side

Well, worth it.


Possible pending goose attack

Leading the charge
The easier side to get in.
A busy day
Passing the grassy beach at Stanley Park

Past Stanley Park

Work? All play and no work just wouldn't be possible would it?  

Yes it was time for Brad to get back to work at TSE as an engineering contractor in the pipeline group under the master of laying pipe, Art H.  And yes once again I was just in time for the Company Golf tournament. Lucky or what?

Matt having at it

Probably should bend a bit more...really

I want to be like Nick

Why Johnny E forces me to drink
when I see him I have no idea.

2 shotguns in a row will not help
your golf game

Nick, Cara, Matt and 

Nice awards ceremony to a rowdy crowd.  May be if I buy
a bigger driver I'll win the longer drive.  If I keep it on the

Nice finish to the day

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