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June 27-28, Day 261-262, GOING HOME TO CANADA


DAY 261 - 262, June 27 - 28, 2012, Calgary (eventually), Temp 8-22C (N/A, 31,230km)

After 8 months or so my epic trip that began Oct. 11, 2011 came to an end on June 27, 2012 when I made my way to the airport in Buenos Aires via the quite efficient shuttle bus that leaves from the city centre.  Although I was sad to leave and not ready to go back to Canada, I knew that I had a lot ahead of me in the next months home while I prepared to return again in November 2012.

Man, I hope I don't forget all the Spanish I've learnt.

Stop that girl she's got my guitar

Smooth sailing to the airport

Very Germany 1970s

Pricey empanadas as expected at the airport.  Tasty though

Inside Ezeiza Airport

Taking off from Buenos Aires.  The audio is a little low, but the video is good.  Take a look!

Usb, TV, outlet.  Nice.

Over Buenos Aires

Set up the office for the short flight over to Santiago

Signs of a Canadian flight

I was very please to know the flight would cross the Andes in to Chile during the light of day.  Oh, the spectacular views of this mountain range from the plane was worth the price of the flight alone.


Just spectacular

Sunset over the Andes!

Mood lighting, alternating colours

Toronto as we flew in around 5am

More signs of Canada.  Line ups
at Tim Horton's!

A little wait in TO and then it was back on a plane for the 3rd time on the multiple stop flight to Calgary.  It's a long trip that I wouldn't want to do every week.


In summary...

One more massive trip taken, enjoyed and survived.

I arrived in a dream like daze in to Calgary.  My mother said it was the first day of sun in weeks and I must have brought it.  "So, where did you leave the bike?".  "Oh, It's in in Argentina".  "Ok..."

Weeks before I left on my trip I didn't really want to go.  Too much money, could pick up a lasting health problem, the possible danger and a general lack of adventure feeling I had more pressing things I should be doing with my life.  What was I thinking!

Although I felt some times on the trip I didn't see enough or didn't relax enough and take my surroundings in it was an excellent only few will ever know and I would do it again in a second.  A whole new group of friends and contacts, a new language and a new set of opportunities in film, oil and even inventing had appeared by opening this worldly door.

So what now?

I will return to Argentina after a summer in Canada and the pieces will continue to fall in to place...

Super huge thanks and hugs to everyone who helped me along my way.

As always I wish all the very best and hope you find what you are looking for.

Please do not hesitate to call upon my kindness down the road.

Still lost in transportations,

Brad Cougle

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Now I know you can take your guitar carry on

Excuse me you can't take that...

Looks like someone I know

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