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February 2013 - Belly Dancing, Lightning and a View

February 2013 was a nice hot month with some crazy Electrical Storms (crazy to me) which I had incredible views of from my new rental apartment.  In addition, I found a month of intense Spanish class for almost free and tried many of the local restaurants on Fitz Roy Road which is a major restaurant / bar zone in Palermo Hollywood.  One night in particular we watched a Belly Dancer during our meal.  Enjoy the post.

At the beginning of February I moved in to a good size studio apartment in Palermo Hollywood with a pool and an amazing terrace!  Here's a video tour and a couple pictures.

Bedroom with walk out to terrace

Kitchen and living room,
enough for me.

Not huge, but a perfect roof top sitting pool to read
my Spanish homework and cool off from the hot days

The views I mentioned


Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window I just had to
take this photo of everyone in their shoebox

For those who have seen a lot of Electrical Storms my video may be a bit of a yawn, but for me and I'm guessing anyone who has only seen a bit of thunder and lightning this is a definite watch.  I kept waiting for the storm to end, but it just kept going.  Being my first experience I thought something major was going to happen.  After 4 hours of thunder and lightning, on and off rain, and the odd siren in the distance, that was it for the storm.  Visually and audibly incredible.

Catching a little lightning out of
what was a pitch black sky seconds

During another storm in the middle of the day we thought we would sit in the pool in the rain, which was a great plan until the lightning began!

Mac was braver than I for 1 second

Side Story: Moments around Palermo "Hollywood" which gained the name due to the fact that there are so many production companies and TV stations in the area.

Signs that a Film is being made.  Film trucks.

Camera set up across the street
reminded me of my first extra role
as a waiter on CBC's "Tom Stone"

Spanish Class.  When in a Spanish speaking country learn Spanish, right?  Unfortunately I just couldn't justify the $500 USD per month for lessons in a place where you can go out the door and speak Spanish to anyone.  Luckily through a friend Andrea I find a virtually free option attending classes as a guinea pig in a Spanish teacher training course which is a great way to experience many different ways of teaching at once.

Getting to Spanish at
International House
2 Hours / day for all of February.  I think it helped a lot.
Now I can understand most of the movies I have been
watching.  Sort of... (thanks for the photo Hernan)
Around the community some Tough jobs...

The real Bone Collector.  I didn't get a photo of the meat 
delivery guy, but that's even worse as he carries a side
a beef from the street to the back of the store, 150+ kg!

Getting tickets to a movie

Being a tree in B.A.

No Health and Safety here.  There's a guy
in this hole which is 2m deep x 2 L x 0.5 W

Being this guy's friend
as he talks to you while
rubbing his dogs balls!

Being a cop at yet another bus / pedestrian scene

Argentines doing comedy in English

A solo belly dance

Bringing an audience member up

Squeezing juice for your Highness

Having me as a Novio, thanks for breaky Mac

Other Stuff

Where's the meat?
$4.50 at Siga La Vaca
 which is supposed to
be a BIG beef restaurant
Upgrade 50 cents getting you
a nice chicken breast at
Siga La Vaca instead!

Security tags. Who knew
ham got stolen a lot?

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